Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs

The OPEN-SME project has been supported by the EC within the 7th framework programme under grant agreement no. FP7-SME-2008-2 – 24376 


COPE Source Code Access
Source code is provided under the GNU General Public License . To access the source code please visit the public code repository.


Venue & Co-location
Written by Stefanos Skalistis   


The workshop is a part of CompArch 2012. CompArch is a federated conference series bringing together researchers and practitioners from Component-Based Software Engineering and Software Architecture. Comparch 2012 will take place in Bertinoro, Italy, June 25-28. Bertinoro is a beautiful place in the middle of Italian Apennines. The Congress Center is composed of three large historical and monumental buildings forming a unique block on the top of the built-up area of the ancient town. The place is quiet and hospitable and it is surrounded by a very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. You can find more information about CompARch 2012 and the venue, at

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