Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs

The OPEN-SME project has been supported by the EC within the 7th framework programme under grant agreement no. FP7-SME-2008-2 – 24376 

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COPE Source Code Access
Source code is provided under the GNU General Public License . To access the source code please visit the public code repository.


Result 1 (R1): The OPEN-SME generic and customisable Domain Engineering Process that will guide the definition, implementation, and maintenance of Domain Architectures for any given Application Domains, as well as the identification and adaptation of available OSS components to these Domain Architectures. 

Result 2 (R2): The OPEN-SME generic and customisable Application Engineering Process that will guide the exploitation of the Domain Engineering outcomes in the framework of a systematic, component-based, and reuse-oriented Software Product Development Methodology. 

Result 3 (R3): The Open Source Search Engine (OCEAN) that will provide unified access to existing OSS search engines (e.g. FOSSOLOGY, Google Code Search, Koders, etc.) and will allow the initial retrieval of open source software modules to be analysed and adapted by the Domain Engineering Activities.
Result 4 (R4): The OPEN-SME Component Adaptation Environment (COPE) generic tooling framework specification and the different COPE instances (as per selected Application Domain requirements) that will support in a holistic manner the different activities of the Domain Engineering Process.

Result 5 (R5): The OPEN-SME Component Repository and Search Engine (COMPARE) that will allow software re-users to effectively search, browse, and retrieve the assets  produced by the Domain Engineering Process as well as provide a communication bus supporting the effective exchange and processing of structured information flows between the software reuse stakeholders.

Result 6 (R6): The OPEN-SME generic Business Models and Cost Models pertaining to the commercialisation of the OPEN-SME approach in real-world business cases.