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The OPEN-SME project has been supported by the EC within the 7th framework programme under grant agreement no. FP7-SME-2008-2 – 24376 

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Source code is provided under the GNU General Public License . To access the source code please visit the public code repository.


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  • George Kakarontzas, Panagiotis Katsaros and Ioannis Stamelos: "Component Certification as a Prerequisite for Widespread OSS Reuse", Electronic Communications of the EASST, Volume 33: Foundations and Techniques for Open Source Software Certification 2010 [Link]
  • Apostolos Ampatzoglou, Apostolos Kritikos, George Kakarontzas and Ioannis Stamelos: “An empirical investigation on the reusability of design patterns and software packages”, Journal of Systems and Software, Volume 84, Issue 12, December 2011 [Link]
  • George Kakarontzas, Eleni Constantinou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou and Ioannis Stamelos: “Layer Assessment of Object-Oriented Software: A Metric Facilitating White-Box Reuse”, Journal of Systems and Software, Availible online 29 August 2012, ISSN 0164-1212 [Link]



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