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Call for papers
Written by Stefanos Skalistis   

Call for Papers

Workshop on

Reusing Open-Source Software Components – (ROSS) @ ACM SigSoft CompArch 2012

June 25, 2012, Bertinoro, Italy

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Open-Source reuse is becoming one of the major business models for many companies. There are different forms of reusing open-source, from reusing complete solutions to reusing open-source components that are integrated as parts of larger applications. This workshop focuses on reusing open-source components. One of the primary aims of software components its their reuse. In general, components are specified via their interface while implementations are not necessarily exposed to the application developer. In this approach the components are not assumed to be changed. In open-source the approach is to access the source code and modify it according to the application requirements.

A combination of component-based approach and open-source can lead to a more effective and efficient development process; for example a development process using open-source components can be separated in a domain-specific development process, in which open-source components are adapted to the domain requirements, and an application process in which the domain-specific components are reused. On the other hand using open-source components introduces new challenges; for example uncontrolled change of components source code can lead to less efficient reusability.

This workshop aims for bringing researchers and industrial experts to present and discuss the issues related to reuse of open-source components from technical, process, organizational, legal, and business point of view. We are in particular interested in potentials for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The workshop will be organized as a combination of submitted papers presentations and open discussions.

Topics of Interest

We encourage submitting papers targeting the following topics (but not limited to them):

  • Open Source Component-based development process

  • Domain-engineering and application engineering process

  • Domain-specific components

  • Retrieving and assessing Open Source Components

  • Adaptation of Open Source Components

  • Component repositories and packaging technologies

  • Legal, organizational and business issues in reusing open-source components

  • Tools and methods for open source components

  • Industrial experience using open source components

  • Empirical studies in open source component-based engineering

  • Open source components utilization in large organizations, and in SMEs.


Sponsorship and Contributors.

As a part of ACM SigSoft COmpARch 2012, the workshop is sponsored by ACM. The main workshop contributor is OPEN-SME – “Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs”, EU FP7 Project (


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